Live From The Field


Here we are, in an internet shop in down town Bagamoyo, looking out the window I am watching woman walk past with exceptional posture, as they balance not only one massive bucket but 2 buckets on their heads, lovely choice of bucket colours too. These woman would be a hit at the Tasmanian Circus Festival for their gravity defying feats.

The colours here are so rich, makes me ponder on the sea of black that inhabits downtown Hobart. It is so fun to be sporting multiple colours each day, I wonder how long I will last when I get home before I am finding myself in all black clothes again!

Water and electricity is so intermittent here, am not sure how soon it will be before I will be able to get back on line.

Our morning ritual consists of heading down the road and buying the sweetest, juiciest pineapple off the street from a woman called Happy. We tried to get through one in one sitting but they are too big. Happy is insistant on me not being shy to talk Swahli…hmmm why did I come to a foreign country with no words in the native language! I was fine in Rwanda, |I had French as a back up and could communicate there somewhat, but here all I can do is grunt and smile. Leuca is like a jewel, everyone wants to shake her hand, ask her name and look at her, she reckons she never wants to be famous!

Times up, jumping on a peeki peek (motorbike) to head to the Baobab Home. It,s a 15 minute ride, on a dirt road the trip is a bit rough if you forget to wear your sunnies. The feeling of your face vibrating like the skin on your face is about to fall off is something else! I don.t think helmets hold much weight here, (sorry darling if you are reading this)!

More about the Baobab Home and yoga next post.