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Iyengar Yoga classes are held at Okines Community House, 510 Old Forcett Road, Dodges Ferry, Tasmania 7173

Phone: 0457 024 267



Gabe has been practicing yoga for 20 years. Trained as an Iyengar yoga teacher, she returns to India biannually to deepen her practice, and fulfil her passion for travel. She is grateful for the wisdom her teachers continue to share with her day to day.

She brings care, precision, clarity and breath awareness to her teaching, with a particular interest in exploring the intricacies of the mind.

Her teaching knowledge is gained from her commitment to discipline and daily practice.

“Through the discipline of practice comes freedom. Yoga is a constant source of inspiration generated from within”.

Gabe dynamically weaves the yoga philosophy, ‘all things are interconnected’ into her life: as a teacher, in her job as a community worker and by empowering people, as equals.

Gabe loves authenticity and is most relaxed when practicing simplicity.

For Gabe yoga is “that which sustains me”.


“Venture from the known to the unknown.” – BKS Iyengar