This is great Gabe, it taps into the bigger picture about the nervous control of our bodies, whether that be the somatic nervous system and it’s voluntary control, or the autonomic nervous system with it’s sympathetic and parasympathetic branches.

We are such integrated and complex little things, and we just sail along in this stream of upper consciousness and give so little thought to the constant and relentless balancing act going on right there in our bodies, as our nervous systems and endocrine systems do the best they can millisecond by millisecond to keep us functioning in balance. We throw all sorts of things at this system, constantly, and yet it keeps on balancing.

I love that there are things we can do to talk to our bodies, to communicate with these intricate and complex systems of nerves, muscles and organs, to help focus, direct and calm them, to strengthen and nourish them from each side of the feedback loop. Yoga. Meditation. Awareness.
I love how deep your understanding of this is; you are an embodiment of this, and you inspire me. And this is what I get out of your classes.

…Lee Champion, Hobart


I began with the beginners class which was a great introduction to what Iyengar Yoga is – as I hadn’t heard of this before – and was quickly convinced of its benefits. I have now progressed to the early morning class, which is a great way to start your day. As I get older, (now in my mid 50’s) I find that my knees can’t cope with some of the fast, physical activity of other regimes, but Yoga has given me a new focus. It has served to be beneficial to my mind, body and spirit. I am more relaxed, focused, coordinated, stronger and working on my balance. I would recommend Iyengar Yoga to everyone.
…Vicki, Dodges Ferry

As a massage therapist who is quite new to Yoga, I have found Iyengar Yoga to be very beneficial. My job is very physically demanding, long hours of standing bending over a table. I’ve found yoga once a week has helped in strengthening my body, relieving tension in my upper back & helping me become more aware of my posture. I also enjoy the relaxed class environment & come away feeling fresh & enthusiastic about the day. Gabe tailors the poses to each individual in her classes so I always feel challenged but safe.
…Neri, Victoria

I love my weekly yoga class with Gabe! Her enthusiasm, compassion and encouragement of her students helps to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in which to practice yoga. Gabe has truly inspired me to make the practice of iyengar yoga a regular part of my life.
…Nicki, Sorell.

Thank you for all the wonderful lessons of Iyengar yoga. I have been ruminating on the word “balance” as the most appropriate to describe what I have mostly gained from them, balance of mind and body, balance of life and work, balance of emotions and reason, and of course physical and mental balance in the various asanas transferring into the various aspects of my life, I am very grateful to you.

I feel stronger, and even younger, by keeping active and engaged my joints feel more flexible and I’m sure that this flexibility benefits my mind and my academic pursuits as well.

You are an inspiration with your deep-felt commitment to yoga and to making the world a better place for all of us, thank you so much.
… Leila, Dodges Ferry

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci